Friday, January 10, 2014

UD truck vs step van

UD Trucks are manufactured by the UD Trucks Corporation and they are a Japanese company. They manufacture heavy duty, medium and light diesel trucks. They also manufacture buses, special-purpose vehicles and bus chassis. Since 2007, this company is owned by Volvo Group.

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UD Trucks were formerly known by the name Nissan Diesel. Volvo acquired UD Trucks in 2007 completely.

The UD trucks and step van vehicles have engines that have a newly-developed fuel system that is called as common-rail system. They have a high output which is translated to a greater power density. They are highly fuel efficient and offer greater mileage. Produced by Volvo, UD truck is a Volvo strategy. They have been devised to become beneficial for the company by boosting the UD Truck sales.

The engines have a diesel capacity of 1.17 litres per cylinder. They have mid-range diesels of four cylinders and six cylinders. The trucks or step vans with these engines that have common rail system that have proved beneficial for the company. The Volvo Company had previously outsourced the engine making to other companies. However, now they are produced in-house and assembled into the UD trucks. There is a continuous research and development going on for better performing engines for UD truck and step van. Shifting from outsourcing to in-house production of fuel-efficient engines has proved cost-effective. The costs are expected to reduce once more when the fuel efficient engines are made. This will result in a better competition by the company.

UD trucks and step vans are commonly used for transportation of good and heavy duty vehicles. They are sturdy and durable. Companies manufacturing vehicles use these trucks for transportation of vehicles, spare parts and other goods. Though there are heavy duties trucks manufactured by other companies, UD trucks are most preferred then step vans because of their convenience and good quality features.

The features offered are mainly higher mileage, more space and greater comfort. They can take a huge load, yet perform very efficiently from the fuel-consumption point of view. Owing to these quality features, these trucks (in opposition to step van vehicles) are preferred by many companies, for transportation.

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