Friday, December 27, 2013

Jeep cj7 and other 8 passenger vehicles

8 passenger vehicles 2014

cj7 was basically a civilian vehicle which was being used mostly by army personnel. It was introduced into the world way back in 1944, during the outbreak of the Second World War. The production of this jeep continued till 1987. In the year of 1987, the jeep wrangler came into existence as a replacement of jeep cj7. All the necessary modifications were done in the production of jeep wrangler which was the reason for its popularity.

It is quite common to see wrangler jeeps and other old 8 passenger vehicles nowadays on roads. Some people who belong to older generation can also be seen using cj7. Get more information here - For some men, ‘jeep’ is like a style icon which depicts masculine attitude. Jeeps were very cheap at 2-3 decades ago. Even now, a wrangler jeep is considered to be very cheap as compared to other luxury cars. The production of this jeep was done at a higher scale during 1980’s as many people were willing to own it. cj7 was designed in such a way that it could survive through extreme injuries or fatal accidents. Although the exterior of this vehicle was not too fascinating, its internal structure was so sturdy that it required very less maintenance.

Nowadays, there are very less dealers who have still kept the second hand model of jeep for sale. Many dealers have even kept 8 passenger vehicles for auction for the people who are really interested in buying it. Old jeeps have some good memories attached with it. In earlier days, old 8 seat vehicles were valued so much that people had opened an automotive club and entry in that club was restricted to only those who owned the vehicle.

Talking about the features offered by old jeep, it had an automatic wheel drive system which enables the person using it to maintain and to keep the maintenance cost of the vehicle to minimum. The average cost of cj7 was 15 to 20 thousand at earlier times but it was way too cheap as compared to 8 passenger vehicles like Mustang or Bentley. Although cj7 is outdated now, it cannot be forgotten from the memories of the people who have actually got smitten by it.

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